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This project included complete asbestos removal and a renovation of the entire second floor totaling 70,000 SF. During construction, this fully occupied facility continued to operate, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, as well as remain open to the general public to accommodate the occupants during the construction process, Roebbelen sealed the entire first floor and built a temporary walkway which was also sealed. This helped to insulate the people inside form some of the noise and dust as well as protect their safety.

Asbestos was also removed from the marble entry area, stairway exterior planters, generators and diesel tanks. The asbestos removal was completed in phases so that the four loading docks could be kept operational to accommodate deliveries throughout the entire construction process. Roebbelen also completed a seismic renovation for the structure during the asbestos removal process.

Department of Motor Vehicles
Sacramento, CA
Department of Motor Vehicles
Lionakis – Beaumont Design Group