Fresno Yosemite Int’l Airport

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Terminal Building Expansion and Remodel – The portion included a multi-phased rehabilitation of the ticketing lobby, central lobby, the rental car counter areas, and the expansion of baggage claim. The enhanced ticket lobby incorporates an open floor plan with high ceiling interiors; houses all airline ticket counters in the same space; provides large open common use baggage screening and processing rooms, and introduces a more high tech image through the use of LCD screen displays and other material and lighting elements. The central lobby area includes the “sense of place” Sequoia Treescape project. The expanded baggage claim area accommodates higher capacity equipment, and provides more circulation space for travelers.

Terminal Crain Rail – The two-story concourse that was originally completed in 2003 has very high ceilings and windows requiring a specialized articulated lift for cleaning and maintenance. Roebbelen’s scope of work included the construction of a new ceiling mounted mono crane that required ceiling modification, structural steel fabrication and installation, electrical controls, painting and install crane.

TSA Checkpoint Remodel/Expansion – The remodel and expansion of the TEST checkpoints to meet the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security standards and guidelines and added capacity to passenger/baggage flow systems. The work also included the installation of a new high-definition closed circuit television surveillance system to monitor security at the airport.

The existing building was approximately 64,400 SF and after construction and remodel, the building was approximately 71,100 SF.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport
Fresno, CA
City of Fresno
Western Council of Construction Consumers – Distinguished Project Award