Lake Tahoe CC

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This performing arts center is equipped with a 60′ x 60′ black box with 210 seats which are set on movable stage rite platforms. There is a perimeter catwalk at 12′ and removable floor panels leading to a 5′ trap area underneath which can be used by both performers and the special effects team. Lighting circuits are located on all catwalks and the floor which can dim to enhance a scene.
In addition, the facility boasts a costume shop, dressing rooms (10 stations per room, each room has lockers and a bathroom with a shower), green room, box office, lobby and office. The entire space is wired for stage sound with the most up-to-date equipment available. Clear Com talk back stations are located in the dressing rooms, scene shop, box office and green room for optimal production communication. There is also a 23′ x 15′ motorized projection screen and a single lens video projector wired to the booth for video, laser or DVD with sound split channels and to the stage floor for computer connections.

Name: Lake Tahoe Community College Performing Arts Center
Location: Lake Tahoe
Owner: Lake Tahoe Community College
Architect: Lionakis