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The LRV Facilities Expansion Project is a single story, cast-in-place concrete/metal frame building expansion of the existing Light Rail Vehicle Maintenance and Storage Facilities. The work consists of the expansion of the existing Light Rail Vehicle Facility (also known as the Guadalupe Division) located at 101 West Younger Street in the vicinity of North First Street and Interstate Highway 880 in the City of San Jose. The work was conducted in an operating rail yard and adjacent to and within shop facilities and was subject to restrictions. Work included clearing, grubbing, demolition, and salvage of existing improvements and VTA materials as necessary; partial demolition of existing shop buildings; excavation and subgrade preparation of building site and site grading; construction of shop building expansion and construction of improvements within existing shop buildings; procurement installation and testing of shop equipment such as fluid handling equipment, equipment lifts, vehicle jacks, and turntable; design, procurement, installation and testing of monorail hoist system with remote control system; connections to existing monorail system, including clearance and interface checking with new and existing facility. Construction of new asphalt paved service roads and aprons; new extension to and modification to existing utilities and infrastructure including Detraction power AC power, lighting, public address system, compressed air, fire water service, potable water service; construction of track way (including rails, timber ties, sub ballast, concrete embedment, and connections to existing tracks) utilizing VTA furnished special track work and rails. Design, procurement, installation and operational testing of traction electrification system (TES) to serve new tracks including DC power distribution system (OCS), TES poles, head spans, cross spans, pull offs, disconnect switches with operating gear, surge arresters, wires, cables, and other components. Construction of traction electrification system foundations and combined system duct bank. Modification of the existing paint booth located inside Building A including relocation of the existing intake and exhaust chambers of Building A paint booth, construction of a new 230 SF compressor shelter and installation of two new air compressors. Construction of a new 230 SF compressor shed adjacent to Building E and installation of two new air compressors.

Light Rail Vehicle Facilities Expansion
Santa Clara, CA
Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority
MK Centennial Engineering, Inc.