UCSF Data Center

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The new Data Center project consolidates multiple small IT and server closets located across the entire UCSF campus into a single facility that could be more efficiently monitored and serviced. The initial size of the data center is 7,900 square feet, with adjacent expansion space to allow it to grow to a total of 11,000 square feet. It was important to UCSF that this facility be LEED-CI Silver certified. This is an impressive achievement, considering the tremendous amount of electricity-consuming and heat-generating equipment that is located in the data center.

Description of building materials, mechanical systems, structural systems:

The data center is protected by a 400kVA UPS system and 750kW engine generator, providing a redundancy of N + 1. Future growth will take the UPS up to 800kVA and an additional generator will provide a total of 1.5mW of backup power. The building that the data center is located in has a standard wet pie sprinkler system. In order to protect the sensitive electronic equipment, the system in the data center was modified to be a dry-pipe pre-action system. In addition, the data center and tape library are protected by a FM-200 suppression system.

University California San Francisco Campus Data Center
San Francisco,CA
The Regents of the University of California