General Instruction Building

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The project consists of construction of a new multi-story classroom building, approximately 80,000 SF. This building features a steel frame structure with a special truss moment frame component. This facility includes classrooms, staff and faculty offices, storage, test control areas and other academic support areas. Also included are natural ventilation windows and smart boards in every classroom. The exterior of the building is blast resistant.

The project was constructed on an occupied teaching campus which also serves as a military base. Roebbelen Contracting added value to this project by proposing value engineering concepts (soil nail technique for site retaining wall) which was approved and implemented by the US Army Corps of Engineers; a cost savings to the government. This is not a LEED project, but LEED elements were used such as recycled steel floor mats, 100% recycled plastic lumber, waterless urinals, and the building is prepared for a future cistern system.

General Instruction Building VI
Monterey, CA
US Army Corp of Engineers
Western Council of Construction Consumers – Outstanding Project Award
US Army Corp of Engineers