Construction Management

City of Elk Grove Civic Center

The Elk Grove Civic Center project is all new construction on previously undeveloped land. The 76 acre site will include 8 phases, but only the first 2 are included within this project. The first phase includes all site work, 2 parking lots, 3 pools and associated infrastructure improvements and buildings. The Olympic pool includes springboards and dive well. The community pool has a water slide and there is an instructional pool, built in seating, and trellis structures. The pool support buildings include 15,400 square feet and include community meeting space, locker rooms, and food service facility. Also included in the first phase is a splash ground, and the landscaping and lighting for the full site. The second phase includes a 32,178 square foot Community Center with a Senior Center and Veteran’s Center.


Elk Grove, CA


City of Elk Grove