3-D Laser Scanning

3-D Laser Scanning Capabilities

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3-D laser scanning collects data using a laser to measure and record millions of points on real-world objects and environments. The resulting data is processed to create a single point cloud that is comprised of each scan, creating Actual-Built data. The point cloud data can then be used to acquire real-world measurements with an accuracy of ±2mm or exported for use in a variety of software applications including those of CAD and BIM.

The speed and accuracy of laser scanning makes it easy to quickly capture data that can be used to lay the foundation for the design of various structures and facilities. Because laser scanning captures every characteristic and detail of an object or environment, it can eliminate inaccuracies in design and construction by providing the actual conditions of what currently exists. Furthermore, each change that occurs in a structure or facility can be scanned as needed to retain updated records of the most current conditions.

If you would like to reduce errors that result in change orders or schedule delays due to inaccurate or missing information, or if you would like a current three-dimensional record of your existing facilities, 3-D laser scanning is your solution!




Actual-Built Data Capture – An accurate snapshot in time Start the design process using actual 3D conditions, accurate to 1.5 mm. Reduce guess work for TI, remodeling or master planning projects
Space Planning More efficient spatial planning by extracting floor plans from the point cloud data
Facility/Asset Management Every detail is captured by the scanner which can then be used to track and log assets throughout your facilities using three-dimensional visual inventory
Accessibility Compliance Easily identify areas that do not meet cross-slope requirements
Floor Flatness Analysis Discover floor areas that require grinding or floating prior to installing floor finishes or fixed casework
Roof Slope/Drainage Verification Solve water ponding issues by acquiring accurate slope measurements
Site Topography/Drainage Evaluation Identify drainage deficiencies and ponding areas by creating topography maps from scan data


3-D Laser Scanning is a useful service for every owner: AEC, Hospitals, Schools, Industrial, Commercial, Detention, Manufacturers, Asset Management, Warehousing

If an accurate visual roadmap of your facility will increase productivity, control a jobsite or assist with design integration…3-D LASER SCANNING IS YOUR SOLUTION!
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