Construction Management

Construction Management in San Francisco & Northern California

We offer Construction Management services clients trust. Utilizing the Construction Manager (CM) method allows you to select a highly experienced firm to be your consultant throughout the design and construction process. You have two options for Construction Managers:

  • Construction Manager (Agency) – The CM Agent is a consultant who advocates for you throughout your design and construction phase. Under this delivery method, the District holds the construction phase contracts for either your general contractor or multiple-prime trade contractors. This CM will be a consultant and not guarantee the construction phase costs or provide any bond on your project.
  • Construction Manager at-Risk – You should hire a CM at-Risk if you want a Construction Manager to guarantee their price and to bond the project. They will work with you and your designer during the design phase and bid the project out for you. This CM will manage the complete construction process and guarantee your final costs and schedule.

In either scenario, your CM is responsible for ensuring constructability and providing value engineering services while working toward your target costs throughout the preconstruction phase. The CM also identifies and delineates the trade contractors’ bid packages prior to bidding to ensure scope coverage.


Benefit to YOU: Choosing a proven team will help reduce your staff’s work-load.


“Roebbelen Construction Management Services has been instrumental in providing value engineering ideas and cost studies for alternative design solutions; which have resulted in our selection of cost effective engineering systems and overall project savings, while preserving the level of quality. For example, their suggestions to modify the earthwork design at Dougherty Valley High School resulted in a significant reduction of retaining walls and soil off-haul.”

~Joe DuBois, Assistant VP – Public Facilities, Shapell Industries of Northern California

With Roebbelen Contracting, Inc., your decision will be easy. Customers from El Dorado to Sacramento trust their complex and detailed goals with our construction management. San Francisco and Northern California clients look to our collaborative staff to achieve the best possible project results.