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Roebbelen understands the current and future needs of our environment. We make every effort to ensure the decisions we make today will protect those needs for tomorrow. How do we do this?

  • Engaging with industry leaders of the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council); “The USGBC is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.” Roebbelen has over 18 LEED® Accredited Professionals throughout our Preconstruction and Operation divisions.
  • Being a founding member of Green Cabinet; “The green cabinet is an organization in pursuit of a sustainable world.”

During the design development, our preconstruction LEED professionals will work together with the entire design team so that we can create a site that meets your needs. Whether you are focusing on meeting LEED criteria, saving energy, creating a healthier indoor environment or other specific requirements, you can count on Roebbelen to provide an exceptional solution.

Inside the Roebbelen offices, sustainability does not just involve projects, it is about the way we approach our day-to-day business. We have even gone as far as to build sustainability into our strategic plan and have our staff participate in achieving these goals:

    • Reduce the amount of paper usage
    • Providing an In-House recycling, and environmentally safe disposal programs
    • Usage of lighting occupancy sensors throughout every Roebbelen office site
    • In planning for future growth, the design of Roebbelen’s new 3-story office building has been designed to meet or exceed LEED Platinum standards.

Contact Information for Sustainability:

Kevin Watson, Project Manager

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