Our History

The History of Roebbelen’s Logo

In Central Europe during the Middle Ages when trade guilds thrived, three tools symbolized the mastery, knowledge and craftsmanship of the building trades: the compass, the trowel and the broadax.

In 1870 these three emblems were consolidated to create the logo for the Staatsbauschule Buxtehude School of Architecture and Structural Engineering in Germany. Company founder, Hans Roebbelen, was a distinguished graduate of the school.

It was customary at the time for student graduates to adopt an emblem or mark and because of his outstanding achievement, Mr. Roebbelen was one of two students granted the privilege of displaying the school symbol as his own.

The Roebbelen logo upholds a 700-year tradition of bringing together old-world, superior skill and workmanship with cutting-edge technology and ingenuity to create the finest quality products.
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