Roebbelen Annual Trade Partner Prequalification (ATPP)


Trade Partner Instructions

  • Trade partners must answer all questions contained in the Annual Trade Partner Prequalification. 
  • For each answer that requires an explanation, trade partner must attach a signed explanation on company letterhead, identifying the ATPP Section and Question number.
  • Trade Partners must submit, as attachments to the ATPP, all information, documents, and financial statements required by the ATPP.
  • Upon Roebbelen’s receipt and initial review of your ATPP, you will be notified if any additional and/or clarifying information is needed.
  • Once Roebbelen’s prequalification team has completed review of your submission and determined that your company has been qualified to bid and/or contract with Roebbelen, the determination will remain valid for one (1) year, at which time you will receive an invitation to renew your prequalification status for the following year. 

Roebbelen’s Commitment to Confidentiality 

  • Roebbelen will protect and safeguard all confidential information of trade partner in the same manner as Roebbelen protects and safeguards its own information of a similar type.
  • Roebbelen will only use trade partner’s confidential information for the purpose of evaluating trade partner’s qualifications to serve as a subcontractor for Roebbelen. 
  • Roebbelen will not disclose trade partner’s confidential information to any third party, except to the extend reasonably required to verify the accuracy of the information provided, or except to the extent permitted and/or required by California law. 
  • In the event Roebbelen received a notice or request from a third party that seeks Roebbelen’s disclosure of trade partner’s confidential information (e.g. subpoena or other legal request), Roebbelen will promptly provide notice to trade partner, so trade partner has an opportunity to take whatever action trade partner deems necessary with regard to the request or notice. 

Request an Invitation to Prequalify:

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