Delivery Method

Choosing a delivery method is an important first step in any construction project. We offer methods that allow you to select your construction partners for projects of any scope and size based on their ability to meet your needs. We can also enable public agencies to gain all of the advantages of private construction projects through their delivery method selections.

Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. offers multiple public and private options to allow you to select the delivery method best suited to your needs, including:

  • General Contractor
  • Cost plus with a Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Agency Construction Management
  • Design-Build
  • Integrated Project Delivery/Lean
  • Lease-Leaseback
  • Construction Management – Multi-Prime
  • Service Agreements

General Contractor (GC)

As your General Contractor (GC), Roebbelen ensures your project is built exactly as it was designed. We maximize value by providing excellent workmanship while staying on schedule and within your budget.

Cost plus with a Guaranteed Maximum Price

This method allows you to maximize savings by hiring Roebbelen to work closely with the design team to ensure that the goals of the project are delivered quickly and at the lowest possible. This value added service during preconstruction set the project up for success in the field and while guaranteeing a final price, you only pay for actual costs and realize savings from unspent budgets.

Agency Construction Management

As the owner’s representative and agent, Roebbelen advocates for you throughout design & construction to ensure that the finished product meets your needs. We understand that a construction project is not your core business and look to make it as simple as possible by being your construction “in-box.”


With the Design-Build delivery method, you select a design-build entity (Roebbelen) who acts as the contractor and in contractually in charge of the architect/designer under a single contract. This expedites design and construction- nearly cutting the time in half from a traditional project timeline. There are many ways to set-up and deliver a design-build project. Give us a call and we will help tailor this delivery project to your needs.

Integrated Project Delivery/Lean

This method is similar to Cost Plus with a Negotiated Guaranteed Maximum Price but utilizes tools and process based on building a relationship of trust and continuous improvement with every process during design and construction. The goal is to eliminate waste and design the program to a target value while maximizing value along the way.


Lease-leaseback (LLB) is a powerful public contract delivery method used in the K-14 education market. By converting the traditional owner-builder relationship to an owner-developer relationship, your contractor gains the ability to set the project up for success in many varieties based on client preferences.

Roebbelen helps establish an overall plan for your project, select the most qualified subcontractors, and stay on schedule and on budget. Preconstruction work can be completed under a Preliminary Services Agreement and the final lease documents can be signed upon Division of the State Architect (DSA) approval. You can use LLB for new construction, modernizations, or campus improvements. As the lease agreements state, you maintain complete ownership of the property.

Service Agreements

Roebbelen has master service agreements with many large corporations where our teams can take care of anything from fixing a door knob to building a new building. We are geographically structured to provide ongoing services throughout California.

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