Leading Innovation with Historical Excellence

Hans Roebbelen founded Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. in 1959 in Sacramento, California. The Roebbelen logo was chosen as a symbol of 700 years of history; bringing together old-world skill with cutting-edge technology to create innovative results and exceptional craftsmanship.

Concrete work in 1966

Why This Symbol for Roebbelen?

When trade guilds were thriving in Central Europe during the Middle Ages, three tools symbolized the mastery, knowledge, and craftsmanship of the building trades: the compass, the trowel, and the broadax.

In 1870 these three emblems were consolidated to create the logo for the Staatsbauschule Buxtehude School of Architecture and Structural Engineering in Germany.

As a distinguished graduate of the school, Hans Roebbelen was one of two students granted the customary privilege of adopting the university’s logo as his own.

Folsom Prison Renovations, 2002

Amador County Administrative Building, 2007

Sacred Heart Parish School, 2010

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