Post Construction

Post Construction Services

  • Certificate of occupancy
  • As-built documentation
  • Warranty programs
  • Moving services
  • Equipment training
  • Service agreements

Warranty Services


After the completion of any project, Roebbelen wants to give the client peace-of-mind that we will stand behind our work. Roebbelen’s Warranty Department will assist the client in managing and tracking all warranty items through our online ticketing system.

  • From the onset of the warranty period, Roebbelen will train the designated client representative on the use of this system.
  • Each warranty item that the client initiates will automatically send out a warranty notification to our team via email.
  • Individuals who will typically receive warranty items will include the General Superintendent, Warranty Technicians, Project Manager, Architect, Client Maintenance Staff, Client’s Warranty Administrator, and any other individuals that the client chooses.
  • It is Roebbelen’s policy to take action on every warranty item within 72 hours of receipt and close the item within 10 working days. In most instances our technicians will respond to the request within a 24-hour period.
  • Roebbelen’s warranty system addresses all entered warranty items. The beauty of this system is that it will automatically send biweekly reports to the client updating them on the status of each open item. Roebbelen wants the client to be well informed and know that “we are taking care of the situation.”
  • This process has been in place for three years now and Roebbelen has received rave reviews on how quickly we can address these warranty items in an expeditious manner. *
  • From the beginning of construction to the end of the warranty period on all projects, Roebbelen is dedicated to providing the client with the best customer service experience.

* normally at no additional cost to the client