Warehouse Renovation & Transportation Facility

The scope of the project included a new transportation administration and maintenance building on a 5.1-acre parcel of land adjacent to the existing Transportation Facility on San Joaquin Street in Sacramento, CA.

The new transportation administration and maintenance facility is a two story volume pre-engineered metal building housing 12,500 sf of administration/support space (2-story) and a 12,000 sf maintenance shop (1-story).

The renovated warehouse work included the interior renovation of the 50,000 sf central warehouse facility. Modernization included renovation of existing offices and restrooms, the addition of a new 6,650 sf insulated depressed slab bulk freezer (hydro floor heating system), a 5,000 sf bulk cooler, 1,500 two- and three-high storage pallet racks, and internal ramp improvements.


Sacramento, CA


Sacramento City Unified School District


HMC Architects